Ultrastar Manager

ultrastar manager


Wiki is under heavy development so is the source of usdx

Thanks for the help to Norman- and Mr. Dutch himself

SF.net scheduled our website for the big server move on 18th of August – be prepared for a 24h downtime.

Greetings, Mog

8 Responses to Ultrastar Manager

  • MasterPhW says:

    It’s nice to see, that you present some great tools that deserve some more devs and attention! It’s also great, that the wiki and the source is growing steady.
    Can’t wait for harakiroke – or whatever 1.1 was called! ;)
    Greetz, the Master
    PS: I’m thinking to recreate my Wiistar skin with the new features and a second dark style, till the 1.1 release. Is the skin system ready yet or are ther more plans till the 1.1 release?

  • moeper says:

    Ultrastar is a great work, this evening my friends and me will have a Session again, we play it for more than a year now. I hope, most of the new tools will shown in newer US Versions directly and not as external programs, that will be great. THX for your great work and lot of fun in our life!

  • Marcel says:

    Heyho. :)

    Mog, could you please insert a screenshot, that is more “up-to-date”?


    Thanks. ^^

  • sash says:

    My comodo firewall tell me that there is trojan when i have installed this!!! o.O Is that true?

  • canni says:


    no of course it´s not true :)

    The author writes at his blog about this issue:

  • james says:

    Win32Agent found in all uman downloads I could find?! NoVirusThanks found it with 3 different virus scanners!

  • Hike says:

    Im looking for a deb version of Ultrastar Manager. Or instruction on how to compile the source files to be able to use it under Ubuntu.

    Thank you.

  • alfredo loman says:

    I have Ubuntu 10.04 and I need the full instructions about how to install the Ultrastar Manager , uman-1.8.2-unix32.tar.gz file on my Ultrastar DeLuxe program

    Could you please give a little help ?

    Thanks, Alfredo

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