USdx’s journey

A few steps from here, a golden light of an UltraStar Deluxe 1.1 Final DVD Box seems to illuminate the darkness.
If we would look back we’d see the intended time frame which has already been crossed some time ago…

.. but never the less we did not lose the way. We’re still on the path, even if some third party influences slow us down while we’re walking straight to the finish line.

There are some last steps to do on which we need your helping hands:

  • Background Music:
    We need a new song for the background music feature (which allows commercial use & altering). Any suggestions? Mail us as soon as possible because we’d like to start a voting at the end of this day to speed up the process.
  • Finish USdx and third party themes:
    Dear creative artists around there, please mail us your current state of your eye candy,
    so that we are able to include it in final release.
  • Plugins:
    It would be great if community plugin developers could convert their plugins to the new lua scriptable party engine.
  • Webhosting:
    Sadly the upload system still doesn’t work. It’d be great if this could be fixed because it’s needed to finish the brand new documentation.
  • Translations:
    If you cannot find your language in our repository or your language file has some ToDo’s in it, please create or fix it and upload it on sourceforge. Need Help on that task? Read me.

13 Responses to USdx’s journey

  • sebastian says:

    I would like to make some plugins. but i miss some documentation (not about lua but the different classes and variables i can access)

  • Gio18 says:

    Hi! for the background music I suggest “Giovanni Allevi – Back To Life”:

    we look forward to 1.1 final version, very compliments! Greetings from Ultrastar Italia forum

  • canni says:

    Hey Gio18,
    we are not allowed to use his music because it’s licensed by sony music entertainment / universal and therefore cannot be altered or distributed freely by us.

    But of course you could replace our background music with his song on your own.

    @sebastian: there’s a small plugin description available and plugins can be viewed with a standard text editor to see some functions which can be used. But of course there will be a better documentation (but currently our webhosting server has some problems…)

  • Rafał Pawłowski says:

    How about the instrumental from one of the advertised free songs? Maybe even mix them all at once?

  • canni says:

    I really like the idea of mixing some of our free songs.
    Actually I thought of using an instrumental version from one of our future songs.

  • ggkfc says:

    Sadly the upload system still doesn’t work. It’d be great if this could be fixed because it’s needed to finish the brand new documentation.”

    what does this actually mean? whats the upload system?

  • canni says:

    Forum and Wiki upload systems doesn’t work atm.
    A necessary php tmp folder which can only be accessed by our webhoster seems to exceed the quota
    or has changed it’s chmod, so we can’t do a thing about it, sadly.

  • ggkfc says:

    so we need a new webhoster basically?

  • daggeg says:

    Background music:

    Brad Sucks – Dropping Out of School

  • Anst says:

    Well, UltraStar is a program to sing Music, why not use the Music, that comes inside Ultrastar? Maybe something like a jukebox, that plays the music, thats used inside the game. And a link down in one corner would be funny, where you can click an start to sing the song, that you hear.
    That would be something new…

  • canni says:

    Hey Anst,
    yeah that would be a great addition but not for 1.1 sadly, because we want to finish it and not to implement further features.

    Voting will start today!


  • Samuel says:

    Hi everyone!

    I just spent a few days organizing my music with UltraStar, I have a set of 150 songs + some of them with the actual music video’s synced :D

    I just threw a surprise karaoke birthday party for my brother, and it was simply a blast!

    I had UltraStar hooked up to a soundcard with two wireless mics, with the mics going through the input of a mixer, this let me control the volume of both the music from UltraStar + the voice of the singers!

    We had the music going until we had to shut off because the neighbors were getting pissed! If there is anything I can do to support the development of this program (except for moneywise…) please let me know!

    With warm regards to all the developers!


  • Jonathan says:

    I would recommend looking on for some instrumental piano music or game music. Most of the music there is freely available and usable for the game.
    I really hope the final is finished before 1 October, as that will be the day I host a karaoke party.

UltraStar Deluxe is…
A free and open source karaoke game inspired by the Singstar™ game available on the Playstation®. It allows up to six players to sing along with music using microphones in order to score points, depending on the pitch of the voice and the rhythm of singing.

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Use any video filetype you want as background (youtube / flv, divx, mpg / mpeg, avi, ..). You can create and use your own songs, various are already available. Customize its look through themes and extend it with more party game modes via plug ins.

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Awesome music
We were able to get in contact with several people who release their music under a Creative Commons license. For you it's a legal way to get free new songs from artists who would like to see you on their concerts wearing their T-Shirt. If you have a band and want to support us by featuring you here, then contact us.