Voting: Best background track

Hello everyone out there,
the current bebeto loop background track will be exchanged in the next release
due to debian license conflicts, so for now we need a new one: You can decide which one to take.

Some of you suggested new background songs,
listen to them on jamendo or facebook and vote for your favorite new background song.

We might change it in the future again and extend USdx with some cool advanced background music features
suggested here in the comments, but for now we just need a song which is compilant to the debian license.

We’re quite sure that we can release final this month but again some unexpected external influences caused a delay again.


Update: Please do not cheat and push your favorite track more than once. If you don’t like the one which wins this voting, just exchange “background track.mp3″ in .\sounds folder after the release with your desired audio file. Thanks!

The magic release date will be: 10-10-10, voting ends on 5th of October, 11:59 p.m. The result will be published later (after we checked the winning track for cheating votes).

29 Responses to Voting: Best background track

  • Florian says:

    Abgestimmt! :) – Für die nächste Version wäre es cool, wenn evtl. jedes Theme seine eigene Hintergrund-Musik hätte und bei allen “Bildschirmen” nach der Song-Auswahl der zuletzt gespielte Song als Hintergrund-Musik fungiert :) ….

    Aber erstmal freue ich mich auf die finale Version 1.1 – Vielen Dank für alle Mühen!

    lg. Florian

  • Jura says:

    Im choosen Butterfly Tea – Cavern of Time this beautiful melody
    with indian and magic sound,this song born want to sing!
    Thank you very much!
    New version in 30septemer?
    Or this is not true?

  • canni says:

    Hey Jura,

    it’s the last day of september,
    we try to release it this month.

    Let’s see if we can manage this :)

    Yeah, I also think that it’d be great to set background music theme dependent. We’ll think about different options there.

  • Jura says:

    I hope you can do it, cause I’m looking forward to it, you’re the best
    Thank you!

  • Marko says:


    I chose Walking Alone by DJad, i think it will fit nicely…


  • Gio18 says:

    Hi canni from Italy! My favourite background song is “Prequel – While they were sleeping”! We’re looking forward to it, thank you for all!

  • Jonathan says:

    I voted “Butterfly tea”, though that might be not such a great idea at all. The track is pretty short (1:11 minutes), and for a menu it is annoying if a track is too short and it is repeating very often.
    I think ‘rubber’ is a better option.

  • ds says:

    Vote for DJad – Walking Alone :D

    Butterfly Tea – Cavern of Time sounds more than a Theme Song of e.g. the Settlers

  • canni says:

    Hehe, absolutly. I thought the same – this song would be great for the settlers or any game where you have to build anything up like that :)

  • sebastian says:

    i think that although butterfly tea is great, it is a bit too distracting as a background menu sound.

  • Vulcano91 says:

    “Rubber” would be great!!!

  • Rafał Pawłowski says:

    I totally had a dilemma between Zamalska and DJad. Picked Zamalska in the end. Butterfly Tea did a nice track, but definitely not for this type of game.

  • Christoph says:

    For me there is only one option: “Williamson – A few things to hear before we all blow up”

    The other ones are too remarkable as background music. It would be disturbing instead of supporting the game. Think about it! :)

  • Next BG music should consist of just beats and drums with just a hint of melody. I’m talking of the kind of music you heard in shopping centers 20 years ago.

  • Rafał Pawłowski says:

    “Rubber” really shot up in results. Maybe someone is spamming votes.

  • canni says:

    Thanks for you noticing that. We’ll check if someone is cheating.

    @All: Please do not push your favorite track. If you don’t like the one which wins this voting, just exchange “background track.mp3″ in .\sounds folder after the release with your desired audio file. Thanks!

    @Rafal Pawłowski:
    Thanks for your comment, I just checked and there were indeed 21 votes which pushed Rubber. As you can see we deleted them. We will also check all votes again at the end of this poll. If anyone notices some strange behavior again, please report that.

  • Deluxe says:

    I’m a bit disappointed, was expecting it on 30 september.
    Tonight I’ll host a karaoke party, I’ll have to use the RC.

  • canni says:


    yeah. Sorry – actually it was a bit my fault, too. Had birthday on 29th and lost three days which I couldn’t spend on USdx. And on the 5th I’m going for an important test at university, so that also causes a delay. On 6th I have to move my house…

    But so far not much has changed since RC, just a few bug fixes and cleanup stuff, so if you didn’t have problems with RC, don’t mind about final.

    But we have to do it the way we’re currently doing it, because it’s very important to create that basement. As soon as we created that, all features and stuff will be merged so that development speed will increase.

    Thanks for your patience!
    We’re trying the best compromise between USdx and real life.


  • Northy says:

    I actually prefer the music found in “Bebeto_-_Loop010.mp3″ in the \sounds folder :)

  • canni says:

    Of course you can use that one on your own, too. We will give an download for customizing the background music anyway but we just need a new standard track (delivered with our packages) which is compilant to the debian license so that USdx can be included in debian package sources.

  • Jura says:

    And how much time goes the game?
    she’s like to be released in the morning!

  • Customer says:

    Please release the new version in the morning, not in the evening. So we have the full sunday to play with it. Thanks.

  • Jura says:

    What you waiting for!

  • canni says:

    I guess from current point of view it’ll be evening, … ;)

    Nightly greets,

  • Jura says:

    and how much time, roughly?

  • DavidPingu says:

    It’ll be released today at 29:59 IF WE’RE LUCKY >_>

  • Rafał Pawłowski says:

    “It’ll be released today at 29:59 IF WE’RE LUCKY >_>”

    So, never? :E

  • Jura says:

    This is not perfect in my country is time of 02:59!
    in 23^^59

  • canni says:

    Guess he made a typo.
    But he’s just a user who can’t wait, so this was not our statement! :)

    We promised a release today and you’ll get one.
    Only the mac guys will possibly have to wait another day or two, sry!

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