Release: The Final Countdown?

It’s the final countdown…? Wait… NO it is NOT! This release is just the start of something new.

Even if we can proudly ship the deluxe karaoke solution which has never been so stable before for any operating system today, this is just a brand new start for something even bigger and better.

You guys are still havin’ a bunch of ideas which has not been merged or even implemented yet, so this project will grow.
We hopefully can release next final sooner than this one. No – let’s not say “hopefully”. We DEFINITLY will release next final sooner, sooner than you might expect it.

So what to do for now?

1. Grab your new version here.

2. Explore our new wiki to get all the information you need (still in work :) )

Getting Started

1. Installing UltraStar Deluxe

=> Windows
=> Linux

2. Setting up Microphones

=> Common and USB mics

3. Get known to the features

=> Playlists, Line Bonus, Higscores, Party mode … there is so much to discover!


To be continued… soon…

43 Responses to Release: The Final Countdown?

  • bohning says:

    Great! You guys rock! Thanks to all developers and friends for the hard work :-)

  • Rafał Pawłowski says:

    That’s all I have to say for now:

  • Customer says:

    Very good job! Keep up the good work!

  • Klafhor says:

    10/10/2010 at 10:10 xD
    a 10 for the program and for the whole team ;)

  • Jura says:

    Thank you guys!
    YOU ROCK!!!

  • Gio18 says:


  • Florian says:

    This is so great :) – The next USDX-Evening could start now :)

  • Florian says:

    //Sorry for this double-post//

    I want to help to extend your new wiki (especially the German-articles). So, tell me what is to do. Should I translate the English-articles into German?
    I’m a bit confused, because the German-wiki-startpage is a different as the English-wiki-startpage.

    lg. Florian

  • Basti says:

    First I wanna say GREAT GAME! I love it! Had so many wonderful evenings with this! :D
    But there’s a bug in Covers. I have a folder called Böhse Onkelz (EDITION=Böhse Onkelz in the txt’s and Böhse Onkelz=boehseonkelz.jpg in the covers.ini). But the Cover only shows up, when I change it to Boehse Onkelz in the covers.ini and the txt’s. With “ö” it does not work (in 1.0.1a it did work). Please Reply!
    Anyways YOU ROCK. Thanks for this great software! :)
    Have a nice day :)

  • Fab says:

    Is there any way to use the “BlueSensation” theme by Charis in this version?

    Oh and yeah, fantastic job folks :)

  • canni says:

    Yes, if this skin would be converted :)
    Currently Charis does his bachelor thesis, so he has no time.
    But I’m quite confident that this skin will be included in next version.

  • canni says:

    Hey Basti,
    we will test your report and might provide a special fix just for you :)

  • canni says:


    You’re right – the tree and else looks a bit different because we translated some articles just for testing purposes.

    Please read the Wiki Help, it should help you a lot to get known to the new system. If I forgot anything there, please ask and tell me what is unclear, so I can update that article.

    Of course you can create new articles or translate the current ones (but you better choose one which seems not be be under heavy development).

    greets & thanks for your help in advance.

  • Basti says:


    Would be great! Thank you so much! :)

  • hennymcc says:

    Change the encoding of cover.ini to UTF-8 (e.g. with notepad++) and save the file. This might work.

  • Basti says:

    @ hennymcc

    No, it’s not working :(

    But thank you anyways!

  • rapid10 says:

    Thank you very much for the coolest usdx ever!!
    When the Mac version will be published? Thanks!

  • MiSchi says:

    Mac version can be downloaded from

  • Cradle says:

    Please implement the duet mod from brunzel in the next version, it’s so good! And there are already lots of songs available..

    The ultrastar deluxe stays the most beautiful of all mod’s and ultrastar versions though, but indeed there’s so much still to implement, that’s what keeps it alive! (even if the name changes)

  • fedoo says:

    Hi, thanks for this. Can we sing duets now?

  • Newbie says:

    Hey guys,
    awesome work!!
    But could you implement something like failing a song in a future realease??
    Greets, Newbie

  • canni says:

    Hey Newbie,

    could you please describe what you mean by that?
    How should this feature work and behave?


  • Peter says:

    I think it’s supposed to work like in Guitar Hero. If you get a bad streak the song will end.
    The only thing im really looking forward to is the Rap Meter(hopefully this is someway possible). Would make a lot of songs much better
    Nevertheless keep up the good work. It’s already a great game

  • Rafał Pawłowski says:

    “I think it’s supposed to work like in Guitar Hero. If you get a bad streak the song will end.”

    There is already a plugin called “Hold the line” which does it. Party mode only though. Maybe it would be nice to have plugins working in normal “sing” mode.

  • Basti says:

    I gotta question:

    Is there any way to show the same song in two different editions?

    Greatz Basti

  • canni says:

    Hey Basti,
    if you use the #EDITION tag to reffer create different editions, the sad answer is: No, not yet. Sorry!

  • Basti says:

    OK thank for your answer

  • nope says:

    hey guys,
    the new version is so great. thanks a lot for it

  • Jura says:

    What about new version?

  • LorDVipeR says:

    Hi, i can’t install under Ubuntu Maverick, any idea?

  • canni says:

    We uploaded some test packages, next week the real package will follow.
    Sorry for the delay.

  • kirby says:

    i cant get it to work on my Mac. if i try to launch it, the computer says “the application ultrastardeluxe quit unexpectedly”. If somebody has some answers so i can get it to work! thx!! :)

  • Rafał Pawłowski says:

    What new does the nightly build contain?

  • Jura says:

    Yeah!Whats new in US Medley RC im see new feautures.
    But in Ultrastar 1.10 im not see new!

  • Jura says:

    What new???

  • Krizalid says:

    hi all, sorry I wanted to know if the final version will have a bar loaded at startup so you know exactly how long it takes to load.

  • Gio18 says:

    Hi canni! there are any news about new version?

  • Jura says:

    What about release date of new version?
    Im cant wait new features!

  • rui says:

    can i install the ultra star in mac?

  • Balu says:

    @rui of course you can. I’ve just installed Ultrastar Deluxe on my MacBook Pro.

    Simply download the Mac version from

    Unpack and move to the application folder, voila.


    I have a problem with the mike crackling. The only way i can stop it is by pausing the song in window mode and changing the sound mode from stereo to any other eg (5.1) then back again. This cures the crackling but gives a slight delay which makes it quite confusing!!!!!! . I am using xp pro and realtek hi def audio … Does any one else have thease sort of problems? Any help would be great as this is a fantastic game.

  • gi says:

    hey!! I have dounloaded the Ultrastar deluxe 1.1.0 but It doesn’t have songs!!! how can I add some songd to it??? Tell me pleeaaseee!! Thanks!! =)

  • farshore says:

    I also have a problem starting UltraStar on my mac. “the application ultrastardeluxe quit unexpectedly”

    Any ideas? Previous version that I had worked, but I now installed the latest one, and this happens. Any ideas?

UltraStar Deluxe is…
A free and open source karaoke game inspired by the Singstar™ game available on the Playstation®. It allows up to six players to sing along with music using microphones in order to score points, depending on the pitch of the voice and the rhythm of singing.

Our channel on YouTube

Use any video filetype you want as background (youtube / flv, divx, mpg / mpeg, avi, ..). You can create and use your own songs, various are already available. Customize its look through themes and extend it with more party game modes via plug ins.

Read more in our Wiki
Awesome music
We were able to get in contact with several people who release their music under a Creative Commons license. For you it's a legal way to get free new songs from artists who would like to see you on their concerts wearing their T-Shirt. If you have a band and want to support us by featuring you here, then contact us.