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=> UltraStar Deluxe Version 1.0.1 a (2007-12-23) | Changelog
=> UltraStar Deluxe ChallengeMod (2010-04-29) | Changelog

Windows Stable Releases

If you’re unsure which one too pick, select the first one and you get the full package :)

UltraStar Deluxe Installer (10 MB) (If you´re not sure, use this one):
With possibility to download 40 songs and some additional themes

UltraStar Deluxe ZIP (22MB) – With three songs and additional themes
UltraStar Deluxe ZIP Lite (13,6MB) – without songs and extra themes

Windows Unstable Releases

ChallengeMod was introduced by our new team member, brunzel !

Download Challenge Modification r7b (zip) (, full)
Download Challenge Modification r7b (rar) (, full)

Changes / New Features:
Challenge and Medley Mode *, better video support, some more improvements

Added Key functions:
S or Shift + S: Start Medley with current, selected song
D or Shift + D: Start Medley with 5 random songs in current folder

* Medley Feature will only work if the refrain is recognized automatically (shown with a small symbol at song selection) or a Medley Tag is set in txt file. You can use the tags: #MedleyStartBeat and #MedleyEndBeat

Note: You can only use theme “Deluxe”. Make also sure you got a recent backup(!) of your song folder. This is an unstable but tested and proved as known to work version. You should not experience such problems, but always stay on the safe side.

Linux / Mac OS X

There is no pre build package available yet, but this version is known to work well in Wine – a tutorial can be found in the USDX Wiki here.

Links of interest

Linux getting started guide – Forum thread
Linux compiling guide – Wiki

Mac OS X Snapshot version – Forum thread with dmg file
Mac OS X the actual progress
– Forum thread
Mac OS X working UltraStar – Eddie (the author) has joined our team, this his old project (NonDeluxe!)

Additional Content

Themes – More Eyecandy :)

Plug ins – For more game modes in the party mode

Songs – Different songs either released under Creative Commons licenses or where the project obtained the permission to distribute them